My offer wall/listicle is not working properly

A "listicle" or "offer wall" page differs from most simple landers, in that you often expect users to click multiple buttons and open offers in new tabs.

For these, its important that we tell the tracker the exact page that repeat clicks came from.

Two things to focus on:

  • Make sure you're using our JS on the page as this injects page/node ID, as well as visitor ID, information into action links, which makes the tracking very reliable
  • If the above is not possible or easy, its also good to ensure that the full referrer is passed to the tracker.

In recent versions of Chrome there were updates to the default referrer policy, resulting in it truncating.

For example, on the page, on click, Chrome will only pass to the tracker.

If you have our Javascript tracking on your page, we automatically fix this. We highly recommend you use our JS in all cases as you will avoid issues like this, which waste your time and make your tracking less functional. 

If you don't want to use our JS or can't for some reason, we recommend adding the following meta tag to <head> to improve referrer data:

<meta name="referrer" content="no-referrer-when-downgrade" />

Without this, or the additional link injection our JS does, there's no way for the tracker to know that a click is a repeat click from an existing lander. In such a scenario, it can't give you the behaviour you want.

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