Tracking Integration with Gasmobi

  • Gasmobi is a network with a broad range of offers - sweepstakes, nutra, finance, health & beauty, dating/adult, insurance, etc.
  • They are based in Madrid, Spain but have offices in multiple locations
  • Their support can be contacted via their Facebook page, Email or via your affiliate manager contact details within the platform
  • Their network platform is custom built
  • Remember to always disable adblock plugins when using their UI/platform as often certain parts get blocked and break functionality

Please note networks may change their tracking options from time to time -- if this article is for any reason outdated or you find errors in it, please let us know.

Step 1: Adding Gasmobi as an Offer Source

Adding offer sources is the first step to streamlining network setup.

We want to do two key things:

  1. Structure how we will pass data to the network
  2. Template the postback URL (or in rarer cases, JS tracking)

Both of these save you time and reduce human error.

We have a template for this source, so the easiest next step is to just type its name and click the template. But, we will go through the setup process end-to-end here just to be clearer.

Gasmobi uses a custom platform, here is how we can pass data to it:

And here is how we can pass back conversions.

How did we arrive at this configuration? Take a look at the next sections.

Step 2: Adding individual offers

To find an offer in Gasmobi, head to the Market Place section.

Some offers will be available directly, others will need you to apply to them and be approved. Find an offer and click apply.

Once approved and available, you can click the "Details" button to see more, including the tracking URL:

Here, the URL is for example:{YOUR_PUBID_HERE}&sub_pubid={YOUR_SUB_PUBID_HERE}&externalid={YOUR_CLICKID_HERE}

This URL tells us some of the field names to pass data under:

  • Subid
  • sub_pubid
  • externalid

I'm going to assume here that Subid is not case sensitive and we can instead follow a standard approach and pass subid instead.

I always recommend passing funnel ID and traffic source ID as a minimum, in addition to our hit ID, so I arrived at this data passing in the offer source config:

Step 3: Adding conversion tracking

Now that we have set up the offer source for templating data passing, we want to do the same for conversion tracking, which is usually going to be via a “postback URL”, which is a server-to-server URL request from their system to ours.

These rely on unique click tracking IDs since no information is passed from the actual user’s browser and cookies aren’t available -- so all server-side tracking is generally going to use these unique tracking IDs.

For Gasmobi at the moment, you need to send your postback URL to your affiliate manager for manual placement.

This will be a global URL, so you only need to place it once.

Here is the URL structure to give them, making sure you change DOMAIN to any of your custom domains linked to FunnelFlux Pro:


Now, in our offer source config in FunnelFlux Pro, we can put this (even though we likely won't need it later, since we have already placed the postback URL once manually!)

With this in place, data passing to Gasmobi offers and back to FunnelFlux should be good to go 🎉

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