My domain is not working

Domain not working?

First, check that your nameservers point to Cloudflare via -- put and pick NS then search. It should show your Cloudflare nameservers.

If it doesn't, then your domain is not being managed by Cloudflare (yet), and so a free domain won't work. Check this article for more info.

If your domain is with Cloudflare, load this URL, replacing with... your actual domain.

You should be redirected to a page with some text debug info, like you can see here -

There's a few results you could get:

  • I get an SSL error!
    • Ok, assuming your domain is running through Cloudflare fine, its likely that you have not set SSL to use flexible mode. Check the article linked earlier and the page rule settings
  • It doesn't load at all
    • Have you added an A-record pointing to the IP we give you on the Settings > Domains page? You need to add your domain here first, get the IP, then use that in an A-record
  • It loads sometimes, but its 50/50
    • Chances are you have TWO A-records in orange-cloud mode. If you had an existing one and just added ours, you need to delete the old one. Cloudflare is unique and when in orange-cloud mode, it allows you to add multiple records that it will rotate. So it has two "answers" it can give, hence the 50/50. Delete the old record, you should only have the one A-record for your domain/subdomain that points to our IP
  • It goes to some random page
    • If this happens, your domain is definitely not point to our system/IP correctly. This could be due to propagation and DNS caching if you have already made all DNS changes. A good way to test is to try connecting to a VPN (forces you to use new DNS resolvers), opening a new private browser window, then loading there.

None of these helping? Reach out and we'll try to get to the bottom of things.

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