Tracking setup with TrafficStars

Please note traffics sources may change their tracking options from time to time -- if this article is for any reason outdated or you find errors in it, please let us know.

Step 1: Add TrafficStars as a traffic source

Firstly, add TrafficStars as a traffic source. You can use our available template:

Under the tracking fields tab, you can see how we are templating data passing from this source. 

The settings here define the link that we will generate for use in your ads later:

Step 2: Configure conversion tracking

Note: our template already has conversion tracking set up, but we'd like to guide you through how you'd find this in the traffic source anyway.

Head over to TrafficStars, sign in and navigate to the section where you can find conversion tracking information. Most traffic sources provide server-to-server (S2S) tracking in the form of a postback URL.

Often these involve passing a unique click ID to FunnelFlux, then later passing this back along with revenue of the conversion. However, some sources have addition parameters in the postback URL that are unique to your account, such as an account ID.

Here's the conversion tracking information from TrafficStars -

Make sure to use Custom, not FunnelFlux, as this is for our older product, not FunnelFlux Pro.

Note from this page they also link to their token information -

On clicking generate, a new postback will be created, like so:

Here, the URL generated is:{external}&value={payout}

In FunnelFlux in the traffic source settings, you can go to the Conversion Tracking tab. We already have something configured here:

You will need to replace the "key" value with the one from the above URL, or just copy/paste the entire thing to replace our template value.

On conversion, FunnelFlux will take the collected data for a user, such as a unique click ID, and fire this postback URL to the source.

Step 3: Setting up a campaign in TrafficStars

The last step is to wire everything together and run a campaign.

To do this, you'll need to create a funnel then generate an "entrance link" to use in your TrafficStars ads, which will point the user to your funnel, as well as pass data from the source.

Go to your funnel > click on the traffic node (assuming this is where you want to send users). Click on the Redirect Links tab and choose TrafficStars as the traffic source.

This will generate a URL to use in your ads, which will pass extra information that comes from the Configure Tracking Fields part of your traffic source config -- hopefully you may recognise some of the parameters that you saw earlier.

Take this URL and use it for your ads in TrafficStars - you will need to set it in creative settings, like so:

Because we pass campaign ID automatically in the URL, there's no need to generate a unique link every time. Most data can be passed dynamically, and then you can break down by this data in reporting.

Also note that when you generate links in the funnel builder, there is no need to save these. Our links are fully dynamic and funnels can accept traffic at any time, from any source, to any point in the funnel. So when you close the sidebar > click the traffic node (or any node for that matter) > go to Redirect Links, it will always be empty and waiting for you to pick a source to create a link for. This is often a point of confusion for users, as other trackers tend to create unique "campaign" links every time that have unique IDs. No need in FunnelFlux, just grab links whenever you need them.

Once you run a campaign on TrafficStars, be mindful to check if conversions are passing through. You can always manually convert an offer hit to test this, and can always debug/correct the configuration if there is an issue -- just reach out to our support if you need help.

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