Using the Reddit Conversions API

Need to use the Reddit server-to-server API to track conversions? Got you covered.

We have added Custom Scenarios to FunnelFlux Pro to cover this.

Here's what you need:

  1. A Reddit account, obviously
  2. A few minutes of spare time to set up authentication

Setting things up with Reddit is quite easy -- no advanced config required

Step 1 - Generate a Refresh Token

Firstly you will need to generate a refresh token that allows our Reddit conversion API app to access your ad account.

To do this, click the link HERE, which will redirect to our app authentication.

After providing access permission, it will redirect back to a page with a refresh token. Copy this refresh token.

Step 2 - Traffic Source Config

Create a new traffic source in FunnelFlux and use the Reddit template.

Note on the tracking field page how it's capturing Reddit's automatically appended click IDs - rdt_cid - and your ad account ID automatically.

Head to the conversion tracking tab and place your refresh token + pick a standard event to use:

And that's it!

Now just be sure to use our generated links in your ad campaigns.

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