Overriding conversion times

If you want to update old conversions and set historic conversion times, you can do so by passing the unix timestamp of the conversion.

There are three methods to do this currently (we will eventually update our Update Conversions UI to support this too).

Via Postback

If passing event via postback, you can add the conversion_time parameter to your request, e.g.



If passing conversions via API, you can add the conversionTime parameter to the hits payload. e.g.

  "hits": [
      "id": "3xw082xwm09ph2yr18004h",
      "transaction": "some_txid",
      "revenue": "1.23",
      "conversionTime": "1719559750"
  "disablePostbacks": false

Via JS

This will be less common since most JS is executed client-side in real-time

However, you can pass conversion_time in your payload, e.g.

flux.track("conversion", {
  "tx": "some_transaction_id",
  "rev": "1.23",
  "conversion_time": "1719559745"
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