Using incoming cost overrides

Cost is a fickle thing -- some traffic sources can't pass cost, some can, sometimes we pass a default cost then later find its not ideal and we want to change it, but we don't want to update our ad URLs and disrupt things 😖

The solution? Incoming cost overrides.

These let you apply a cost to all incoming visitors to a funnel, from a specific traffic source, in real time... all without touching your campaign links or ad URLs.

You can find them under funnel advanced settings:

Here you can select any traffic source and then put an overriding cost.

Every new visitors will have this cost applied regardless of the "c" parameter for cost that may or may not be in the URL.

You can change these at any time and we suggest using them to apply an average cost to incoming traffic that makes your data a bit more "palatable" before you do a proper cost update.

Then at the end of your day you can use our Update Cost function to import real data about segmented cost, bringing everything into line.

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