Integration Guide for Clickbank

Tracking with Clickbank can be difficult given the unreliability of "pixels" and lack of a a basic server-to-server postback URL.

To track Clickbank sales well, you need to use their IPN tool - whether you are an affiliate or a vendor.

Firstly, log into Clickbank and head to Vendor Settings > My Site:

Yes, you should go here even if you are an affiliate, not a vendor.

From here, scroll down to the Advanced Tools box and click Edit:

Head to the integrations section of FunnelFlux Pro and generate your IPN info under the Clickbank area.

You will need to set a 16 digit alphanumeric secret key e.g. 123ABC456DEF0000 -- this is up to you.

You will be able to copy the IPN URL from this page too.

In Clickbank, you can now fill out this section:

Note: use version 6.1. We may upgrade to offer support for 7.0 later. 

From here, SAVE the changes and it will go back to the previous page. Now, go back into these settings and click "Test IPN". The Clickbank tester here does not seem to work unless you save first, then come back, so be sure not to skip this test (else the test IPN button will fail every time).

Once confirmed/verified, no further changes are required.

Now, in your offers in FunnelFlux:

  • If you are an affiliate, append ...?tid={hit} to your Clickbank URLs
  • If you are a vendor, append ...?vid={hit} to your Clickbank URLs

To make this easiest, use our offer source templates for Clickbank affiliates/vendors, then create an offer and pick that source. Use your general Clickbank URL as the offer URL, and our template will automatically append the above (you can see on the data passing tab that it will be inherited from the offer source).

And that's it!

This IPN integration should handle conversions as well as refunds, and also upsells.

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