What is the difference between landers and offers?

Landers and offers are both "pages" within FunnelFlux.

They share some common aspects:

  • You create them and specific a URL + some settings
  • You can create nodes for them in the funnel that have one or more lander or offer pages inside
  • You can create global groups using them
  • They both have Javascript tracking for page views
  • They both use action links to connect out to the next page/node in the funnel, so both have a "clicks" and "CTR" metric

There are two key differences however:

  1. Offers can create conversions and revenue. Landers cannot. Thus only offers create data in the conversions column directly. Landers can still show conversions however, which come from visitors who went to a lander then later converted on some offer page
  2. Offers additionally have an Offer Source, which is mainly used for templating of data passing, because often they will come from some third-party network or advertiser that you send people to

From a marketing perspective, people generally consider "landers" as the pre-sell pages that come before some sales page that converts the user.

Those pre-sell pages are not where the user makes their sale/purchase/conversion decision but are important pages leading up to it.

The offer page might then be a checkout page, sales page, or even an upsell page for a second sale.

It's up to you to choose which type of page to use, just remember that if you want it to create conversions and revenue, it must be an offer type page. And if its a page belonging to some third-party that will eventually send you some postback or conversion data, it should definitely be an offer.

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