Using the FunnelFlux Pro API


By Zeno

updated about 1 month ago

API access is freely available to all customers.

You can get more information from the API Access section of the app, where you can generate your access/refresh tokens.

Our API documentation is available HERE.

While access is open and free, we reserve the right to limit/block access to users who may be using it excessively, in ways that are causing errors/issues for our backend, or when their usage is causing problems for the rest of the customer base.

APIs like most parts of development are not foolproof, may have bugs/issues, and improper use can cause problems for us and customers -- hence the above policy. 

For example, it would not be cool to query reporting every minute to get raw event data, or run minute-by-minute cost updates, or programmatically try to create thousands of landers, funnels, etc. that causes excessive resource usage and load on various parts of our system, all for the sake of making every ad you run use its own funnel with its own lander variation, etc.

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