FunnelFlux Pro vs FunnelFlux Original

FunnelFlux Pro is our new cloud-based product -- the spiritual successor to FunnelFlux original, which can be found HERE.

The biggest major difference is certainly that FunnelFlux Pro is a "SaaS" where we manage the infrastructure, as opposed to a self-hosted product where you install it on your own server and are responsible for that side of things.

Other than that, we want to make things with FunnelFlux Pro simpler and easier for the majority of users, which is much easier in a SaaS environment.

FunnelFlux original has a lot of neat and powerful features, but many are not used by most people, and it can get quite complex (and the potential for issues gets larger).

You can find more on our direct feature difference HERE.

In a nutshell:

  • FunnelFlux original is self-hosted and you manage it on your own server. FunnelFlux Pro is cloud-based and you have no access to infrastructure and cannot host content on the tracking server.
  • FunnelFlux original is quite old/mature software, so has a lot more features overall -- after all it had 5 years of development. FunnelFlux Pro is playing catch-up in that respect, and there are some features we don't plan to add, along with others that we will add in Pro that we couldn't achieve in FunnelFlux original.
  • FunnelFlux original currently has full API access. We have not yet deployed a customer API in FunnelFlux Pro
  • FunnelFlux original has flat license-based billing, your usage is irrelevant. In FunnelFlux Pro, you have a specific number of visitors per plan and get overage billing if you exceed that. As you may know, at high scale, self-hosted trackers are virtually always more cost-effective (provided you have the tech skills)
  • FunnelFlux original is currently being maintained and will get some updates, but its not our focus anymore -- so don't expect major updates there.
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