How can I report malicious links/campaigns I think are run by FunnelFlux users?

It's an unfortunate truth of marketing that there will always be someone who promotes something deceptive, malicious or downright fraudulent.

If you discover these, you can report them directly to us via the support chat widget on our sales page, here in the knowledgebase, or by emailing

Note that we don't host any user content/landing pages nor are we responsible for this content. We act as a tracking and analytics system, the content you are sent to is the full responsibility of the user in control of the links.

When you report links, we will investigate and endeavor to inform the user. If we find that they are repeatedly in breach of our Terms of Use, we reserve the right to terminate their service with 24 hours notice.

This is of course an aggressive action that we do not take lightly, and we understand that for many marketers, they may redirect onward to other third-parties whose content they also do not control, thus we will investigate carefully.

We accept no liability for the content served by our users and will not reveal any personal information of our users, unless legally compelled by the laws of the United States of America, or United Arab Emirates, and with such requests served by a court of law in these countries; or in cases where we feel it is our moral/ethical obligation to assist, e.g. cases that may involve Ponzi schemes, child pornography, etc. that infringe upon basic human rights or have significant negative impact.

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