How do you track page views, clicks, button clicks, conversions and so on?

We have two main methods of tracking:

  • Links i.e. redirection
  • Javascript i.e. direct-linking

We recommend you put our JS tracking on all pages regardless, as it not only tracks incoming organic views, it also has important helper functions that improve tracking in all situations, even when using redirect links.

For clicks, these are tracked when users click on an "action link", a special URL that sends them back to FunnelFlux, where we then redirect them somewhere.

If we track a visit on page A, then on page B, with the user directly navigating, if those pages A and B are connected by an action in your funnel, we will also retrospectively add a click as having happened.

For conversions, we offer server-to-server tracking with a postback URL as well as Javascript tracking. We also have some integrations and more are being developed over time, which will use webhooks from third parties.

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