I have click discrepancies

It's pretty common in affiliate marketing to notice large click discrepancies, positive or negative.

Here we'll detail some of the common causes and what you can do to investigate and resolve them.

Domain issues

Is the discrepancy around 50%?

If so, a common issue is an incorrect Cloudflare config with two records for the domain present, e.g. a CNAME and an A-record for the same thing (more common if you had existing records and moved to using FunnelFlux for the domain, but forgot to delete an existing record).

The end result is 50% of your traffic going to FunnelFlux, 50% going to some existing record that was there prior to using FunnelFlux.

You should delete the competing A-record, keeping only the CNAME to edge.funnelflux.pro.

Note that this is just for records for the same host or name. There's no issue with track.domain.com CNAME-ing to FunnelFlux, and an A-record for domain.com going somewhere else.

Traffic quality and location

Where is your traffic coming from? What countries and source?

It's quite common to see discrepancies of >10% with traffic like pops/redirects, due to the low quality nature of these sources.

Popups for example are interruptive and not desired by users, so are often quickly closed. As a result, the traffic source may track a click, but the user never loads the FunnelFlux URL (as often the popup loads a traffic source URL first, that then redirects to FunnelFlux).

Additionally, consider the location.

Is your traffic coming from a country with high average connectivity, affluent users and new devices? E.g. US, CA, UK, etc.? Here connectivity is good, devices are fast, so usually links will load quickly.

However, in countries with limited connectivity, especially when mobile dominated (e.g. Indonesia), it's common for traffic source URLs to load but take significant time to redirect to a tracking link. In many cases this may be ~1,000 ms, resulting in a large window for users to close popups or hit the back button.

Combined together, pop traffic in Indonesia for example, you could see discrepancies as high as 20% as normal. It is what it is.

Tracking configuration

If you are using redirect links, you will always track the arriving visitor -- they are tracked the moment they load the link, so the page setup, JS etc. will not result in visitor loss here. Though, you can certainly have loss due to the issues above.

If you are using direct linking however, its possible to not track visitors at all if the JavaScript tracking is not present on the page or configured correctly.

For this, see this article first.

If our JS is placed properly, and the direct URL is correct, you should see a visit appear -- and in the browser's developer tools, you will be able to see this successful request and its response.

Another common error is to use the base URL but not place the URL suffix properly. If the user goes to domain.com/page/, not domain.com/page/?f=xxx&ts=xxx and so on, the Javascript has no context to use, and often the tracking of the visit will fail.

I have no clicks, or they become organic traffic

If your clicks become organic traffic, this is a tell-tale sign that you're using an action link with default parameters in it AND all tracking context is being lost when the user clicks through.

If this is on a single page with a simple clickthrough link, it suggests you are not using our JS (or its not loading properly), cookies are being blocked, and referrer is not being passed in full.

Your first priority should be using our JS and having it load correctly, as it will resolve most issues like this.

If the clickthrough process is more complex, e.g. a form submit that later redirects to an action link, things are a bit more difficult. In this case, its important to try and capture the VID value FunnelFlux generates and pass it through to the action URL. How to do this will depend on your specific situation.

On the other hand, if you simply don't see clicks, even though users are getting to your affiliate network, it suggests you are direct linking to the offer URL, not using our action links.

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