Is FunnelFlux affected by the new iOS 14 changes?

Various privacy-focused updates in iOS 14 have caused quite a stir in the marketing and analytics industry.

The most notable impacts have been on platforms like Facebook, which have significantly changed their tracking capabilities to abide by Apple's new policies, which are forced on them as a user of their iOS SDKs. To put it quite simply, any company with an app in the Apple Store needs to deal with these new policies.

But these policies have minimal impact on FunnelFlux.

Firstly, we have no relationship with Apple, and are not contractually obliged to do anything for them or anything differently with an iOS vs Android user.

Secondly, we don't rely on cookies or referrer, so are not particularly impacted by the iOS-related privacy features, and indeed features of many other browsers, that block these and disrupt tracking (that is, provided you use our JS and tracking best-practices).

Now, regarding Facebook, one of the key changes is that if an iOS user opts out from tracking, Facebook is not allowed to show/report that conversion data to you in their reporting interfaces. You can still capture click data (FBCLID) and use our integration to pass conversion data back using their conversions API, but Facebook will be required to drop the data.

Unfortunately there is no workaround for that -- regardless of how you get the data to them, Facebook will link that conversion to a user, then if they are opted out, will drop the data. However they apparently still use this data for signaling and pixel optimisation, to the best of my knowledge -- so it is still useful to send.

Given these changes its even more important now to use a tracker like FunnelFlux as an authoritative, reliable source of revenue and conversion data.

We are also working on a potential integration and dedicated reporting UI that will let you pull data from Facebook in real-time and merge it with FunnelFlux data, creating an "enriched reporting" view for your ads. We will of course let you know when this is released!

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