Can FunnelFlux Pro be used to track Facebook ads?

Looking for info on using Facebook's conversions API (CAPI) to track events server-to-server? See this article.So, Facebook is a bit of a fickle beast to work with.

They "don't like" redirects. They are not going to outright get you banned, but Facebook doesn't like you having the ability (or possibility) of changing the ad destination after it has been reviewed -- which is something that tracking redirect links make trivial.

For this reason many affiliate/performance marketers prefer to use "redirectless" tracking where they direct link to the destination.

Is this possible with FunnelFlux Pro?

Absolutely. In fact, our JS is fantastic for this and arguably the best in the industry.

It's quite simple to do:

  1. You add pages in FunnelFlux Pro as usual. Get their tracking JS and put it on the landing pages you're using
  2. You create a funnel as usual -- there's nothing here that you do differently for Facebook vs other traffic sources
  3. You click the lander and get an entrance link. Here the difference is you are trying to send people to the lander directly, not our "traffic" node
  4. You click the direct links tab and get the direct URL to use. Here we provide the base URL, as well as the params to put in the optional URL params (a.k.a. URL suffix)

It's exactly like a redirect link, just a different format, and of course without the redirect.

In the FB ad you should put the lander URL as the ad URL, then put all the query string parameters, which we call the URL suffix, in the optional URL params box.

People click your ads > get sent to the lander > our JavaScript on the page detects everything in the URL and logs all information. And away you go!

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