Do you provide custom domains for me?

FunnelFlux Pro does NOT provide you with custom domains to use for tracking.

We require you to use your own domains, and it is best if these are managed in Cloudflare so that you can use them with our system for free.

Why don't you provide me with a free domain?

  • Doing so means that we are liable for what you do with that domain. If you run campaigns that cause complaints, those come to us and can risk shutdown of our DNS accounts, then impacting all users. No thanks.
  • Likewise, you then have some random domain you are using that is potentially impacted by the activities of others.
  • Domains are cheap, they should never be a blocker.
  • If you use your own domain, it lets you use for landing pages and for tracking. This is the ideal scenario.

Why do I have to use Cloudflare?

  • Cloudflare has amongst the fastest DNS in the world and certainly the fastest free DNS service you will ever get. So all else being equal, you are doing yourself a favour by moving your domains to Cloudflare
  • Cloudflare has an "orange cloud" mode that can be enabled for your tracker record, which then proxies traffic. This allows Cloudflare to deal with SSL, which takes the burden off us. Its very cumbersome to deal with SSL certificates on our infrastructure, so its much better if we can avoid it
  • By doing so, you can now use unlimited custom domains and add/remove them at any time without any involvement from us.
  • Cloudflare's proxying also obscures our infrastructure IPs, protecting all users from being impacted by the behaviour of others, which could otherwise flag IPs, get complaints escalated to us by Google, and potentially result in disruption to all users
  • Cloudflare has a lot of other cool features and you give yourself flexibility by managing DNS there.

I absolutely will not use Cloudflare...

  • We will soon be moving to a new CNAME-based approach that does not require Cloudflare (though still recommended)

  • However, this is not available yet, so sit tight! In the meantime we'd recommend setting up a cheap test domain that you can manage in Cloudflare, so that you at least have a domain to use.

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