How do I rotate landing pages when using no-redirect tracking?

It's not possible to direct link to a page and use our JS to track the entrance, while also rotating multiple pages. You need redirects to do this... but redirectless tracking by definition doesn't have redirects.

It's the main trade-off with direct linking -- you can avoid redirects and some potential scrutiny (or for sources like Adwords its required), but lose ease of split-testing and ability to control the destination of the user.

There are alternative approaches, such as using an iFrame on your page (with a redirect link as the iframe src), or server-side includes of different pages. However the former is not really changing anything, everyone can still see obvious redirects within the frame, and the latter requires a landing page server + your own coding know how to technically implement everything.

To clarify, you should use our JS on all pages where possible, even if using redirect links, as it helps tracking regardless. But you can't direct link to a page (and rely on the JS to track the initial visit), and still rotate multiple pages at that direct entrance.

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