FF Pro (SaaS) vs original FunnelFlux (self-hosted)

In general our SaaS will out-perform our self-hosted original product in most ways. It's built on new tech, faster coding language, and is geographically distributed so will always win for redirect speed.

As for click processing time, if you mean the internal latency, it depends on how complex the funnel is, since a user clicking from a lander could go directly to something else, or through a rotator to a condition node > another condition node > some page. However, you can inspect internally for this time to be <2 ms. It's rarely slower than that. The actual redirects will then depend on the user location and whether you are using a free domain (via Cloudflare) or our premium domain offering.

You can see some of our average latencies here - https://status.funnelflux.pro/ - this is just for a basic request to our edge, and its a global average so mileage varies. It will be faster in the US, West EU and T1 Asian countries than these averages. We will deploy more servers later, for now we are just covering the core US, West EU and Asia (Singapore) datacentres as this gives good speeds in virtually all regions.

When it comes to the data pipeline, its generally a max of ~10 seconds for data to appear in reporting. Our system batches data inserts so its not an instant real-time stream. Conversions may take up to 30 seconds to appear, as these are done via background processing, where we don't control the exact time at which the database updates them.

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