Is there anyone I can hire to set up FunnelFlux for me?

While our team is knowledgeable and can help with all technical questions, we can't do the work for you and can't dedicate our developers to custom implementations for your scenarios.

We are happy to investigate and assist, create guides etc., but cannot act as outsourced development hands.

If your situation is complex enough to require in-house development, and you have your own developers, we first suggest you point them to our developer documents HERE and let them try to understand the system (right now, without an API, that does actually make things easier).

However, if you would like to hire a contractor on a casual basis, we can recommend a few.

Please note the below individuals are not associated with FunnelFlux in any way, they are just developers who we have spoken to, who have access to our platform, have read our developer documents, understand tracking in affiliate marketing and similar tools, and have discussed their questions with us directly.

In other words, they are our recommendations for developers who will be a better pick than a random developer on Upwork. Note that such developers tend to demand a higher rate due to the specific knowledge required (but they will waste less of your time).

Recommended Developers

Developer 1 - Dubravko R. 

  • Based on Upwork - profile HERE
  • Based in Croatia
  • Base hourly rate of $50/h
  • Familiar with FunnelFlux, Voluum, BeMob
  • Has built auto-optimisation integrations before

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