Visitors, Visits and Views

FunnelFlux has quite a lot of reporting metrics and its important to understand the difference, so that you can get as much from the data as possible.

Three key metrics are Visitors, Visits, and Views.


This is our most "unique" count of people coming to your funnel. We try to keep track of single users as a visitor and all their subsequent actions. The visitor count should always be lower than visits and total view counts as well, since one visitor can create multiple visits or page views, but a visit/view can't happen without a visitor


These are "entrances" to your funnel. A single visitor can create many visits if they load your tracking link multiple times, e.g. by clicking on an ad several times, while having cookies so that we can re-identify them as the same visitor.

Additionally, a visitor who exits your funnel then re-enters at some page and is tracked directly by Javascript may create a new visit to the funnel, since they could re-enter at a page that's separated from where they were before (rather than a clear action click from one page to the next).


These are not unique and describe how many times a lander/offer page has been visited. We separate lander views and offer views into different columns as this is important for understanding the data and derived metrics like cost per offer view, conversion per offer view, revenue per lander view, etc.

A single user refreshing your page may not make a new view as we can de-deduplicate this, but if they click a tracking URL again, navigate back and forth between pages, or leave and come back to a different page, these would all create new page view events.

As a rule of thumb, Visitors will always be less than or equal to Visits, and Visits will always be less than or equal to (lander + offer) views.

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