How do lander views/clicks and offer views/clicks work?

Lets first define views and clicks:

VIEWS - a view is any load of a page. A lander view is a load of a lander page, an offer view is a load of an offer page. One visitor can create many views.

CLICKS - this is more often confused. A "click" is a user clicking an action link on one of these pages. So a lander click is a user click an action link that is on a lander page, which then goes to somewhere else. An offer click is not a visit to an offer, but them clicking an action link that originates ON an offer page.

For many affiliate marketers you may have a sequence like this:

Traffic Source > Campaign Link > Some Lander > Some Offer

In this case, you can expect metrics like so:

  • 950 Visitors (from the traffic source)
  • 1000 Visits (lets assume a small % of user click ads multiple times or reload the funnel link, hence we always get visits > visitors)
  • 1000 lander views
  • 75 lander clicks (lets just invent a number here)
  • 7.5% lander CTR
  • 75 offer views, because each lander's action link is connecting to an offer
  • 0 offer clicks, because users don't load an action link on these offers. They are often not controlled by you and the user may just convert or not.

Does that make sense?

Now, to see all this data you may need to turn some of these columns on. Note we could just group views into one column "page views" and clicks into one column of "page clicks".

We used to do this before, but it quickly becomes problematic unless you group by pages in reporting, so that the data for landers and offers gets split into different rows (e.g. by visitor journey). You're going to have to trust us here that combining these into one column causes more problems than the convenience it gives for a narrow situation.

Now imagine a situation where you have:

Traffic Source > Campaign Link > Pre-sell Lander > Lander > Offer > Upsell Offer

In this situation you are going to have a mix of data:

  • Lander views from two different landers
  • Lander clicks from two different landers, each having different CTR
  • Offer views from two different offers
  • Offer clicks from only one offer, so only that offer will have an Offer CTR

Now if you group by something simple like funnel > traffic source, your lander/offer views, clicks and CTR are going to be quite mixed!

This is where you need to group by Visitor Journey to make sense of the data and separate your pages into different rows, or at least group by lander or offer. If you want to see both together, you must use Visitor Journey.

We plan to add custom events in the future so that you'll be able to have columns for opt-ins, leads, sales, upsells, etc. but this is in our backlog for now 😄

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